8 Solid Tips to Make Your Athletic Apparel Wholesale Successful

If you are planning wholesale athletic apparel, let me give you some useful tips in this article. It’s right to include athletic wear in your clothing line because according to experts and the latest statistics, the wholesale athletic wearing industry is on the rise.

8 Solid Tips to Make Your Athletic Apparel Wholesale Successful

Tip 1: Places You Can Find Reliable Athletic Apparel Wholesale Suppliers


The searching engine is one place for you to find private label fitness apparel manufacturers, search there with different keywords combination, you may get different searching results, to find fitness clothing manufacturers, you can use keywords “fitness clothing manufacturers+country”, “private label fitness clothing manufacturers”,  “fitness apparel manufacturers” and other variants.

Do not only click the companies on the first page, you would better view the first 10 pages to find more clothing manufacturers, so you can compare them to choose the best one.


Alibaba is a marketplace you can find reliable Chinese fitness clothing manufacturers. On Alibaba.com, you can check thousands of fitness clothing styles directly by searching with the keyword “fitness apparel”. So from there, you can find your wanted clothing styles and then select some manufacturers. Just remember, not all of the suppliers there are manufacturers, some of them are brokers, you should learn to select the real factory out from the middlemen.


Everyone knows Quora I think, search there with the fitness clothing or apparel manufacturer keywords, you can see many related questions and answers. From there, you can get recommendations from professional persons or some business owners who will share their individual experience there, that’s the reason why you should find fitness clothing manufacturers on Quora.com.

Tip 2: Considering Domestic Athletic Apparel Wholesalers or Overseas Vendors

Price and lead time are the 2 major differences between domestic athletic apparel wholesale distributors and overseas vendors. Generally, suppliers located in North America or in Europe, their wholesale price are much more expensive, wholesalers made in China, Vietnam, and India, their price are much cheaper. Domestic athletic apparel suppliers can deliver your wholesale order within 1 to 2 weeks while the overseas athletic wear suppliers need to use 3 to 4 weeks to send clothes to your door. Which one to choose? It depends on your requirement.

If you pursue the speed, then domestic athletic apparel wholesale distributors are better. If you have a lower budget, overseas athletic apparel wholesale manufacturers such as Berunwear.com is your wise option.

Tip 3: Wholesale Custom-made Athletic Apparel

In order to gain more sales, you need to sell unique stylish athletic apparel. Sell the same style of clothes always like your competitors, you won’t win in the competition. If you can made your own trendy athletic wear, you will be outstanding in the market and getting more customers. So you need to find an experienced and professional athletic clothing manufacturer.

Berunwear is one of these kinds of activewear wholesale manufacturers. The company has 500+ new styles of athletic apparel in the year 2021 and it will release around 100 new styles each month. All of these clothes are designed and made by Berunwear.com, you can print your logos onto them and you can add your own design to the clothes as well.

Tip 4: Wholesale Private Label Athletic Apparel

Besides the custom-made, the private label service which helps you to build your own athletic apparel brand is also important. Nowadays clothing wholesale trends is wholesaling private label products, so the bulk buyers can add value to their athletic apparel and sell the clothes out at a higher price than the unbranded clothing.

Private label athletic apparel wholesale manufacturers are always offering private label, hangtags, and wash marks design and production service. Some of them even support personalized packaging service, if you want your athletic apparel with your own brand and packaged in a unique design box or polybag, you can contact athletic apparel private label supplier Berunwear too.

Tip 5: Choosing Low MOQ Athletic Apparel Wholesale Supplier

Wholesale doesn’t mean you must buy thousands or hundreds of athletic apparel at a time. There are low MOQ supported clothing wholesale suppliers on the Internet. They usually accept your minimum athletic wear wholesale order at 50 pieces or 100 pieces. You can find these suppliers on Alibaba.com or you can just try one professional athletic clothing manufacturer Berunwear.com.

Tip 6: Wholesale Sublimated Athletic Apparel from Vendors

Sublimation is the trendy printing method for athletic apparel and other sports clothing. It usually requires a small MOQ, for example, to wholesale sublimated athletic wear from Berunwear, you just need to buy 50 pieces.

Advantages of sublimated clothing include:

  •  Unlimited colors with no added cost.
  •  The fabric stays lightweight and breathable.
  •  Everything is permanent; nothing will wash or come off.
  •  Fabric retains all of the moisture management properties.
  •  Custom artwork is available so your school can have a separate, distinct look.
  •  All logos, lettering, numbers, and designs dyed directly into the fabric.

Tip 7: Wholesale Athletic Apparel in Different Types

Gym wear, Running apparel, Yoga wear, Activewear, Workout clothes all can be regarded as athletic apparel. Do not limit yourself to buy only one type of clothes. In the wholesale beginning, you can test your local market by selling different types of athletic clothing.

In 2021, Yoga wear and Activewear are the trends, activewear sets, leggings, sports bra, t-shirts, hoodies, and plus-size clothing are the most-welcomed items. Do not miss them!

Tip 8: Ask Samples to Check Before Wholesale Bulk Athletic Apparel

Confirm the quality of your athletic apparel manufacturer is the first thing you need to do. Ask them to send you the sample clothing and let them promise every piece of athletic apparel from them will at the same level of quality, so you can wholesale from them without worry.

Also, if you want to test some athletic apparel manufacturers, ask for samples from them and make a comparison among them. Choose the one with the best price and quality, so your wholesale athletic apparel can be more relieved.

All of the above are your must to have tips about wholesaling athletic wear, if you still have other questions, you are welcomed to email sales@berunwear.com, we would like to reply to you with a detailed explanation.