Bikini Discover The Ideal Model For Your Body Type

Get to know the models of Bikinis & Tankinis that make the most head of women and know which to choose to highlight your curves.

Dispensable for the summer seasons, the bikini is itself capable of making a look like a drag or a fiasco. The secret to success lies in choosing the model that most values your body type, enhancing its best features. And also never wear tight bikini. The bikini should not make marks on the body. See how to compose the look of the beach or the pool.

Bikini Discover The Ideal Model For Your Body Type

By creating a sort of “optical illusion” of horizontal trunk enlargement, it is great for balancing the proportion of the body when the hips are wider than the shoulders. It also gives the impression of larger breasts, so it can be a great request for those who have little bust and want a more “turbinated” appearance without going through any aesthetic procedure. Parts with central crimp help especially in this case.

Hot pants

Few years into the summer fashion, the One-pieces on the butt and high on the waist are super democratic. The skinny ones give a fancy look; in the newcomers they do not mark the greasiness of the waist and belly area, besides being very elegant. Only those who have little buttocks may not feel very well with them, since the model tends to flatten that part of the body.

Top cropped

The summer hit has a large, closed and structured bra. Excellent for those who like to play sports and also for those who meet friends on the beach or club and stretch the program in a bar early in the evening: just put Cover-Ups and a pair of sandals for the look is complete and tidy. This model enhances small breasts and may bother the busty breasts donors by flattening them a little. Anyone who feels unwell by displaying an extra belly may also prefer not to wear it because it draws attention to it.