Bulk Face Masks

When it comes to bulk face masks, there are so many different options for organizations looking to save time and money. You have the traditional face shields as well as more contemporary options that may help to increase the longevity of the product and the convenience you have with the product. Before you choose a face shield, be sure to consider what is available and the needs of your organization has. You can purchase these items at wholesale or even bulk at a discount.

Bulk Face Masks

Youth and adult bulk face masks for sale: Most schools and other school districts are requiring that students bring back in the fall of next year a new mask with a 3 layer design. If you must order bulk masks for you and your staff as well as for the younger students, tell the number of each that you require and can accommodate to your needs. These bulk face masks come with a zipper that is visible, without decor, but they are quite easy to add on to should you want to customize them. The best feature is you can change the design with each new batch. This helps you make sure that students have new and fun looking masks on a regular basis, instead of just changing them a year later.

For adults, bulk face masks come with either a single or double layer of foam, which offers great comfort. This style is made from latex and does not contain any vinyl. Many people do not like the feel of vinyl. The extra comfort of the 3 layer design helps to eliminate this concern. The double layered foam is also great because it makes it easier to clean the mask and remove the dust coverings that you may have placed on it.

Face shields can be purchased in single or double layers. Single layered face shields are usually made out of neoprene rubber, which is similar to the material used during the birth of babies. This material is more flexible, which makes it easier to stretch to fit a person’s head. However, there is one major downfall to the single layer construction. The face shield can often move around slightly if a person is aggressive and puts his or her hands through it.

In addition to bulk face masks, there are also wholesale cloth face masks made in China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. These are not authentic. Most are made with a vinyl plastic, which is not breathable, nor do they provide the comfort as the custom made products. These are good items to buy to sell in online auctions and e-bay, however.

The best bulk face masks are made with a heavy duty neoprene layer that conforms to the natural contours of your face. The two or three-layer construction provides additional protection and keeps the temperature stable. This is the best way to shop for the right mask for you. If you’re a woman, you might want to consider using n95 face masks.

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