Jewelry is a must for every woman and this should be nifty and clean so that it can look good on your body parts. Silver jewelry is used almost everywhere and you must be looking for ways to clean it up so it can look like new. Silver is a very versatile metal and unfortunately fragile as well. You might have observed that silver metal can easily develop stains, tarnish and scratches.

Furthermore, it can also be a little bit frightening to clean this sort of jewelry as it is very delicate. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be more concerned as we are going to let you know about tried and true ways to clean all your silver jewelry at home.


Prepare a Salt Bath

This is probably the easiest way to get things done. Simply pour two cups of hot boiling water into a bowl and then pour some salt. Afterwards, put your silver jewelry items inside the bowl and wait for a few minutes. You are not required to run the jewelry and this salt solution works as a gentle cleanser. In most of the cases, it removes all spots and stains from silver jewelry.

Deep Cleansing

If salt bath didn’t remove stains from your silver jewelry items, then you need to purchase a silver polish. Specially formulated polishes are available for silver jewelry and you can easily buy from the market. This is very safe to use and do no harm to your precious silver jewelry. However, try to be very cautious while dealing with delicate pieces.

Cleaning with a Towel

This type of cleaning can be good for less rare pieces of silver jewelry. If you use a small towel or any other soft cloth after giving a salt bath, stains are likely to remove by rubbing for a few seconds.