Clothes Make a Man - Accessories Make Elegance

When you think of men’s fashion, the word “accessories” doesn’t necessarily come to mind.

The men’s accessories are often overshadowed by a suit or shoes. And that’s a shame; accessories can add personality and sparkle to either a casual look or a perfectly tailored suit.

Here are some of our favorite men’s stylish accessories:

Clothes Make a Man - Accessories Make Elegance

– The tie

The most basic of men’s dress accessories, ties have an unfair reputation for being a constraint.

Instead of seeing them as an obligation of the dress code of your workplace, consider them as do the dandies these days that is to say as a way to express your personality and add a touch of originality to your plain shirt and suit.

The bow tie:

Bow ties are perfect for adding a touch of originality to a casual or even dress shirt. Let the creative and whimsical side behind your elegant appearance speak.


The cufflinks exude an old-fashioned charm and a certain luxury. You can have them monogrammed with different inlaid stones or even with a more modern, industrial-inspired look.

The watch:

You probably know that a man’s watch is much more than just a functional object.

It can be a sign of wealth, success or just what interests you. Let your heart guide you when it comes to choosing the style you want but be careful to choose and find the perfect combination of quality, price and visual appeal.

To start: make sure your watch is the same color as any other accessory that you usually wear (belt buckle, tie pin etc.).

The ring:

A ring can shine discreetly or attract and hold attention.

You can opt for a simple ring to give a little shine to your look or you can perhaps enhance it all with a signet ring.