Compatible Vaporizer Types

If you would like to enjoy vaping, you possibly know that there are a wide range of vaping products available in market, from buds to concentrates. Fortunately, those who enjoy vaping cartridges and oils can select from a large selection of vaporizers.

The vaporizers e-liquids have a large re-fillable compartment, inflamed by battery. Cartridge-compatible models are frequently having a shape like a portable pen vaporizer, allowing you to easily refill the cartridges. Always refill the vaporizer with high quality Dank vapes cartridges available at Weed Dispensary Online in different flavors.

Compatible Vaporizer Types

Frequent additives

Manufacturers add additives to vaping liquids to dilute the product and give it a bit of substance. These’re the additives that are usually used in cartridges and oils to vape:

E-liquid additives

E-liquids usually contain two main additives. They help create big clouds of vapor, soft hits, and also add a touch of flavor.

  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – As it has no toxicity, it is a base for several e-liquids. This additive is colorless and odorless, allowing the full flavor of terpenes to stand out. In this sense, it is more effective than the other options, but it is a bit harsher on throat.
  • Vegetable glycerin (GV) – GV has a sweet taste, and produces thicker clouds. It offers soft hits and a flavor that complements certain terpene elements. Some companies mix GV with PG to slightly lower the density and make these recipes.

Cartridge additives

Not all vaping cartridges contain additives. Some full spectrum distillates and extracts can have a vaporizable consistency, without the need to add diluting agents. Leading producers boast of using these great cannabinoid elements.

Generally, these cartridges contain exceptional amounts of CBD and THC; typically more than e-liquids. Some cartridge manufacturers choose to add small quantities of GV or PG to thin their formulas, making them them more inexpensive and reducing their potency.