Did you know that sometimes a man gives an eternity ring to his partner to celebrate a special event, like the birth of a child? A valuable metal setting, which includes the ring, is often decorated with a few precious stones cut similarly. Eternity rings are a symbol of timeless love. 

Where did the eternity ring come from and what is so special about it? You will read 5 very interesting facts about the eternity ring that will fascinate you.


Expert Jeweler 

The eternity rings are so popular because of their importance and sentimental worth. Only expert jewellers will be able to produce them due to the complexity of the design. Their value is seen as an exceptionally vital viewpoint.

This ring is very hard to resize, the dimensions competent jewellers must deal with are much more accurate, requiring considerably more impeccable workmanship. 

A team of experts is usually required to focus on specific parts of the ring to make sure that the ring matches the diamonds, which must fit precisely within the edges.  

Eternity rings are also precarious to resize, so the measurements expert jewellers must work with are even more accurate, with more dependence on expert artisanship. 

Remember a range of events

Are you wondering if it’s the right time to give an eternity ring to your partner? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. There are a lot of special occasions to gift this kind of ring. For example, after the birth of your first child. If you buy an eternity ring for this important milestone, don’t forget to include the child’s birthstone in the ring. Did you know that if you combine gemstones with diamonds, people say that it enhances the ring’s emotion?

The vein of love

In various cultures, eternity rings are worn alongside or instead of wedding and engagement rings. People wear it on their ring finger on the left hand. Do you know the reason why we wear rings on our left hand’s ring finger? The tradition originated in Ancient Egypt. At that time, the ring finger was referred to as “the vein of love”.

Trends of the era

Nowadays, celebrities suggest that the larger the stone on your engagement ring, the better when it comes to the diamond’s size. However, this wasn’t always the case, though. Mel Ferrer of the United States proposed to Audrey Hepburn in 1954 with a slender platinum time eternity ring studded with baguette-cut diamonds in a channel setting. 

Precision Set Rings 

Accuracy setting of precious stones is turning out to be more normal than not in the jewellery business. A machine places the diamonds in the ring to ensure a perfect completion and absolute consistency.

The most common diamond ring setting is the claw setting, commonly known as the prong. Since claw settings amplify the quantity of points from which light might bob off the stone. The most well-known diamond shape and cut is a round brilliant-cut diamond.