Anniversary Gift Ideas

The one year baby normally gets a lot of senses developed. Choosing a gift for baby first anniversary sounds simple, but it is not that easy to choose a gift to give to a baby on his one year birthday. But, we decided to help. We have chosen ten anniversary gift ideas for legal and educational gifts. Look.

Ban jeep Baby Vehicle

Make the ride more fun for the child and make it simpler for the parents, who will be able to easily guide the toy and move in any direction. In addition, it is safe, as the steering wheel is fixed and provides the child with greater support and safety.

Anniversary Gift Ideas

Educational toy – Educational cube with blocks

Education and fun in the same toy! Encourage the learning of the little ones.

Colorful shapes

Teach colors and shapes in a fun way and help develop babies’ visual perception and motor coordination.

Mini painted chicken

With a lot of singing, it interacts with the children bringing a lot of fun. Pressing its crest it plays music and makes pop.

Stories for children … 1 year

This wonderful collection of original tales, written especially for children from one year, brings stories full of charming characters that little ones will love.

Foldable europa farm rug

Make your child’s play safer. This rug reinforces protection during fun. Choose a print that will amuse the kids.

Creative table

Let the kids have fun with this educational table with eight different activities. After all, it is playing that you learn.

Luminous talking cell

Stimulate and encourage children’s speech in a fun and interactive way.

New Xylophone

Awaken the child’s musical side and make the game more noisy … and fun.

Teddy bear

The stubborn is a great toy to help the child’s first steps. It helps in balance and motor coordination.