Is it time to start ring shopping for your partner? Buying a wedding ring is probably one of the most exciting purchases you will make in your life. It signifies the commitment that you have made and will be a visible symbol of your marriage. As your partner will be wearing the ring daily and for many years to come, you should pick something they like. Our step-by-step guide will definitely help you get your ideal wedding ring.


(1) Set a budget

There are many myths about what to spend on a proposal ring. No, it doesn’t have to cost two months of your income. Getting the best possible option for your desired budget is really what it’s all about. Spend more on the type of metal than on gemstones, those come after!

(2) Match with the engagement ring

You most likely already bought your partner an engagement ring as you are getting married. Think about the design and pick a wedding ring that complements and goes well with it. In this way, they can wear both of the rings at the same time and be stylish.

(3) Select setting

Settings complement any personality, from the minimalistic look of a plain band to a channel setting to the complex details of a micro claw setting. If your future bride or groom is active or has hand-on-work and you want a diamond wedding ring, pick a gypsy setting (or rub-over setting). This setting has small-scaled diamonds set into the ring that don’t stick out.

(4) Metal Type

Most engagement rings are silver and have diamonds. However, wedding rings can be silver, platinum and gold, depending your personal style. Be sure to pick a high-quality metal, never buy an artificial metal, it’s about your wedding ring after all.

(5) Compare to other rings

It’s suggested to start looking for a wedding ring 2 – 3 weeks before your proposal. You can narrow down your options, find the best jeweler and have the ring crafted. You can make some comparisons before selecting the perfect wedding ring for your loved one. You will be

(6) Give a personal touch 

Now you’re sure you have the perfect ring. With additional meaning, your ring will intensify your marriage. Luckily, there are several ways to put special meaning into your proposal ring. Write something on the back of the metal: names, nicknames, the date when you met… This will give the ring a personal touch and make it more memorable and special.