Regardless of the trends, when it comes to shopping for a dress for any occasion, even a wedding or other important milestone event, it matters that one is aware of the right silhouettes and the right shapes to look for. Considering how they are dictated by a person’s specific body type, it helps to know what is most appropriate for you.

Body types can vary considerably from one person to the next. It helps though if one pays attention to how her weight is distributed throughout the body to ascertain what your exact body type is. At the same time, this will help you determine the types of dresses that will truly suit you.


Pear-shaped body types tend to have smaller shoulders compared to the hips, along with a smaller bust. In this body type, the weight is usually prevalent in the hips. Pear-shaped figures would look flattering in a two-piece dress where the belly button is exposed. This is because the waist area is often the thinnest out of all the body types. This can help balance the figure out amazingly. Wearing tops that have a little volume or have ruffled details work too along with more fitted bottoms such as skinny jeans, denim skirts, or a miniskirt that can get the right areas accentuated.

Apple figures have the weight distributed in a single area as well. But instead of the hips, the weight tends to be held in the midsection. Apple-shaped women will look good in a cute short dress as it is effortless sin balancing out the midsection. This type of dress also gives the opportunity of showing more legs. Shift dresses work for apple figures too, as well as flowy tops that are paired with fitted skirts.

The hourglass figure is often considered as the knock-out body type. However, a lot of women with this body type do still find it hard to find the dress that fits them perfectly. The wrap dress is a good choice. Skater dress would look good too, but shimmery materials and high necklines are not always ideal. The best way to dress when you have an hourglass figure is to look for a dress that will accentuate the waist such as a shift dress, a bodycon, or a wrap dress.

For the rectangle-shaped, an A-line dress would be a good choice as it provides a tailored look. Rectangle shapes tend to be associated to people with taller shapes. Dresses that lengthen the spine and accentuate the collar bone and shoulders will look good. Also, dresses that fall loosely would also give the impression of more subtle curves.

Athletic body types tend to have a bigger bone structure and naturally athletic build. In this case, an off-shoulder dress can help show off the strong features in a more feminine way. Shift dresses would also look amazing for these body types as it will help drive the focus to the strong legs and amazing arms.

For the petite, there is always the trick of wearing a mini dress with a pair of heels in nude colour to create the illusion of height. Another trick is to find a high low dress with a flowing style along with a colour or a print that screams you to get an ultra flattering flash of skin. Whether it is an everyday dress, evening dress or even a wedding dress make the right choice for your shape. Always remember that there is always a dress that will fit your body type. Just remember that the key is not only in finding one that is not just flattering to your style but will make you feel good as well.