How to Make a Hand Sewn Fabric Organizer

When we realize that organization is one of the greatest allies of decoration, keeping the house in order becomes more pleasurable. To accomplish this, a good alternative is to use fabric organizers.

In addition to keeping everything in sight, this type of piece can bring environments to life – especially when hung on a wall like a painting. How about learning how to make a very simple template for storing sewing items or even children’s pencils?

If you want to keep your sewing or other spaces tidy, keep your items in an accessible place, and decorate the environment, follow this step by step. You will learn how to create a custom fabric organizer in just 3 steps. Check it out!

How to Make a Hand Sewn Fabric Organizer

Necessary materials

  • Fabric – to be the main piece in the desired color
  • Various color fabrics and prints – or patchwork
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread – Crochet or Retro
  • Eyelets
  • Eyelet Pliers
  • Hammer

Step 1

Cut out a rectangular piece of fabric the size and color you want the organizer to do and hem approximately 2 cm at each end of it. Then drill a few holes with the eyelet pliers into one of the sheaths along the width of the fabric and insert the eyelets. Reinforce them with the hammer.

Step 2

To create the pockets that will form the organizers, cut several pieces of fabric into different sizes and shapes.

Step 3

Arrange the cutouts on the rectangular fabric, which will be the basis of the organizer pockets, to get an idea of their visual arrangement. Then sew each of the flaps by hand with a needle and double-threaded thread (for added strength) using the toothpick stitch – or any other stitch you prefer.

Ready! Your fabric organizer can now be hung on the wall to organize the sewing studio and other spaces.