Our Favourite Mermaid Wedding Dress Options

Boho weddings are in, and they’re in in a big way. You don’t have to get married in Byron or Bali just to be able to pull this type of wedding off, either. You can just as easily put together a boho styled wedding by the harbour in Sydney, or in a gorgeous garden in Adelaide. The thing that you need to remember about the boho look is while it looks effortless, when it comes to weddings especially, is that it needs to be carefully crafted and put together. So the same goes for choosing your boho wedding dress.

Our Favourite Mermaid Wedding Dress Options

Choosing your budget

Like any wedding dress shopping, choosing your budget is something that needs to be done as soon as possible. While you might like the idea of a boho wedding because you think that it’ll cost less and your guests can be more chilled out, this isn’t always the case. Picking a $50 flowing white lace and crepe dress online and then putting it on, you might look like… Well, you might look like you’re wearing a $50 dress. Those gorgeous dresses that you see on Instagram have been styled to the teeth – pinned and photo shopped so that they look amazing. In reality, often a cheap dress is a cheap dress – unless you go second-hand, where you might just pick up a bargain.

Get to work on Pinterest

When you’re thinking about the style of dress that you want to get, Pinterest is your best friend – whether you’re going for a boho style or otherwise. Start by checking out celebrity boho weddings, and then other people’s boho wedding boards. You’ll soon find yourself disappearing down the rabbit hole and finding inspiration from all corners of the internet.

You can create different boards if you stumble across other wedding touches that you like – for instance seating arrangements, cakes, or flowers. Having different boards for each separate part of your wedding can help with organising your thoughts and making sure that you don’t get lost!

Research boho designers

There are plenty of boho designers out there and even regular bridal dress designers that do boho styles in their range (like Maggie Sottero). Choosing a dress that you’ll easily be able to try on or return in Australia will make this process much easier for you. Dresses like those over at Spell and the Gypsy can look great, but they may not be able to provide quite the support that you need for your day. That’s why many brides choose to go with a wedding dress designer that either specializes in the boho look or does boho dresses in their range.

Do you want to wear it again?

One of the things that many boho brides love about their wedding dress is that they can wear it again. If it’s dressy but casual enough, you’ll be able to trot your bridal dress out at other occasions like birthdays or Christmas. This can make your wedding dress feel even more special, and make you feel like you’re a bride again and again! Take a look at the styling of the dress. Would you wear it to your bestie’s birthday? Would you wear it to a beach party? If the answer is yes, then this may just be the dress for you.

Don’t think just because your boho wedding looks casual and laid back that it will require no planning. It’s important to get onto your dress buying in advance to make sure that you get the dream dress – much like a traditional wedding dress. Once you’ve nailed your look then you can think about the other touches.