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Are you ready to say goodbye to summer and switch up your style for fall? Transitional dressing is about taking pieces from your summer wardrobe and making them work for the new season. With some simple adjustments, you can wear those summer clothes a bit longer without feeling out of touch with the time of year. Read on to learn how to make the most of your wardrobe and transition your clothing pieces from season to season.

men’s sweaters

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Learn to Layer

Layering is a key component of transitional dressing. Start transitioning your wardrobe by wearing lighter summer-appropriate pieces as the base and adding warmer pieces on top.

For example, wear a tank top or T-shirt with shorts, then layer a denim jacket and a light scarf. This will keep you warm on chillier days while keeping your look fresh. And when the weather starts to get colder, you can switch out the shorts for some jeans and add a heavier coat or one of your favorite men’s sweaters.

Other solid layering pieces include light cardigans, chunky knits and flannels. They’re perfect for adding extra warmth and texture to an outfit with a summery base.

Invest in Quality, Versatile Clothing Pieces

When it comes to transitional dressing, investing in well-made versatile clothing pieces is essential. These classic pieces will be the workhorses of your wardrobe, and you’ll be able to wear them all year round with a few styling tweaks.

Think monk strap shoes, lightweight blazers, fitted chinos, denim jackets and a trusted pair of men’s jeans. These pieces work well in all kinds of weather and can easily take you from one season to the next.

Be sure to choose quality over quantity when looking for wardrobe staples. A few timeless, well-fitting transitional pieces will go a lot further than having a closet full of low-quality items that don’t quite work.

Start Incorporating Heavier Fabrics

As the temperatures drop, you can incorporate heavier fabrics into your wardrobe. To do this, switch out your lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton for wool, tweed, corduroy, velvet, leather and cashmere.

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These heavier fabrics are perfect for keeping you warm without having to layer on too many clothing items. The trick is to start incorporating these fabrics gradually so you don’t feel weighed down.

For example, you can start with a few items like a corduroy Oxford shirt and some wool trousers. As the temperature drops further, you can add heavier pieces like a leather jacket or velvet blazer.

Play With Color

Early fall is the perfect time to experiment with color. Rich, earthy tones like deep reds, greens and blues are all ideal for the season. The same goes for more muted colors like olive and mustard.

For a subtle take on transitional style, try monochromatic outfits in these colors. This way, you’ll still be able to show off your summer clothes in a suitable way for the new season.

You can also inject some life into your outfits by pairing vibrant colors from your summer wardrobe with neutrals like black and gray. The result will be a stylish yet understated look perfectly suited to fall.

Don’t Be Afraid of Minimalism

Transitional dressing can be overwhelming at first glance. There are so many items and trends that it can be hard to know what will work for you.

That’s why it’s important to not get caught up in flashy fads. Instead, try experimenting with minimalism. Classic wardrobe staples like a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, a leather jacket and loafers can easily take you from summer to fall. And if you add some subtle details like texture or color blocking, your look will be complete.

Transitional Outfit Ideas by Month

It’s time to bring it all together. To help you start incorporating these summer-to-fall wardrobe transition tips, here are some transitional outfit ideas to try out each month.


By September, the temperatures start to drop enough so that you can start layering heavier pieces over your summer clothes. Start by pairing a white tank top with light-colored shorts, then add a lightweight flannel shirt and some low-top men’s dress sneakers. Finish the look with a denim jacket.


As October rolls around, you can start introducing more muted colors to your wardrobe. Create an eye-catching ensemble with an olive-green turtleneck and your favorite dark-wash jeans from summer. Layer on a classic leather bomber jacket. Finish the look with white sneakers and a plaid scarf for a touch of autumnal flair.


Once November arrives, it’s time to switch to heavier fabrics like wool and tweed. Make a statement with a fitted Oxford shirt and corduroy trousers, then layer on a tweed blazer for extra warmth. Finally, complete the look with leather boots and an eye-catching scarf in a bold color or pattern.

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Wear Your Style With Confidence

Transitional dressing is all about finding the perfect balance between summer and fall fashion. With these tips, you can easily transition your summertime wardrobe into autumn while expressing your style with confidence and creativity. And remember, don’t be afraid to experiment. There’s no right or wrong way to transition your wardrobe!