How To Write A Resume For A Foreign Company

How To Write A Resume For A Foreign Company

It’s not the skills that matter, but the successes

When describing your previous work experience, try to explain what kind of result your activities gave. You can mention what method, technique, program you used, but just a list of such tools looks bad. It shows that you do not know what you wanted to achieve, but acted mechanically. The main thing is what kind of success you achieved. For example, if you worked as a journalist, what matters is not that you did a subject-personal interview, but that you managed to get unique information that took your news to the top.

No one is interested in stamps

If the company does not specifically ask for any additional information other than information about education and work experience, it is better not to do so. But if you are asked to list, for example, your personal qualities, avoid stamps. “Dynamic”, “proactive”, “motivated leader”, “team player” – these words are so often used in resumes that they have long lost all meaning for HR managers. So try to write something original, which will correspond to reality and will distinguish you from others.

Do not forget about it, while composing a motivation letter – a text about why you want to work in this very company.

Resume for a foreign company: each country has its own standards

This should always be taken into account. The standard set of documents for hiring is a resume and cover letter, which is written separately for each employer. These are the ones that are requested in the United States. In Germany there is often a requirement to have certificates and references from the job. But that does not mean that you have to put them all in your resume – it might be too long. It is enough to mention their availability and promise to send them upon request.

The format of the document plays an important role: it should be written in the way the employer is used to in each particular country. It is simply a sign of respect. To adapt to the cultural peculiarities, study in advance the resume templates accepted in the chosen country.

Formatting corresponds to the content

All the described rules should be reflected by means of the design. Imagine that your resume is a business suit. Surely you would not wear a duck tie to a job interview, so the resume does not tolerate embellishments, vignettes and pictures. The “suit” should be in the same style: choose a standard font (Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri) and use only it, sometimes with bold or italics.

Restraint is important, the resume should fit on 1-2 sheets, remember that the third sheet will be read only if much interest in you. So focus the main information on the first page, or better – at the top of it. This is your face.

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