It is the earnest desire of all to celebrate a royal wedding, but there are several important things that become hurdle. The biggest obstacle is the limited budget as many people have to face this dilemma. It is true that weddings have never been inexpensive. The average wedding cost in the year 2013 was $30,000. Well, there is a good news! You still can enjoy a fantastic wedding through proper planning.


Focus Your Must-Haves

After you have set a wedding budget, never try to budge from it. Although there are plenty of things to do yet you should be focused on your must-haves. Try not to spend money on extravagant tasks and remind yourself that you still needs to go miles before your wedding day comes. For example, you might be committed to a church wedding which is often economical. You can also opt for your cousin’s catering techniques in spite of spending money to hire a professional caterer. Your partner is the person whom you are going to spend your life with, so never forget to compromise on everything you decide.

Find Sources of Funds

It has been observed frequently that the wedding couple can’t bear all the expenses alone, so they need funds from relatives, family members and friends. If you are going to handle everything alone and have sufficient funds, then there is nothing to worry. On the contrary side, you need to decide from where you are going to collect money for wedding. Start thinking from your own family members, then friends and then relatives you would like to extend a helping hand.

Never think to borrow more than you need, this will be an extra burden. Try to be limited and spend only where you need it the most. This is how you can get married peacefully and without much debts.