Skin Care Routine - Know How To Keep It Healthy

Remember that your skin care routine should adapt to your life and your daily life. Follow a few steps only during part of the week, do the complete routine just once a day… Anyway, the routine is all yours!

Skin Care Routine - Know How To Keep It Healthy


If you are using makeup, the first step of your skin care routine should be to remove make up completely.


Cleansing removes impurities and any excess oils, leaving the skin ready to absorb other products.

Use a small amount (about the size of a dime) of the cleansing soap that is right for your skin type:

Oily or mixed skin: Try using a gel and soap.

Normal or Dry Skin: Use a facial cleansing foam so you can cleanse the skin without leaving it dry.

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  1. TONIC

The tonic rebalances the skin’s pH, which can be altered by makeup, pollution and all impurities that come into contact with the skin daily. In addition, the tonic removes any trace of make and impurities that the soap could not remove. Before applying tonic, do laser hair removal Manhattan for easy tonic treatment.


The area below the eyes tends to be drier, so it is important to use a special cream for this region. Apply a small drop of product and spread by tapping the area under the eyes. Wait a few seconds for the cream to be cleared and then continue with your care routine.

  1. SERUM

Serum is a highly concentrated product that should be applied directly to clean skin, i.e. after use of soap and tonic. Its fine texture ensures better penetration of the product into the skin, which increases the effectiveness of its assets. Get spa gift certificates Manhattan and enjoy serum treatment together with friends.

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