The polo shirt generates a lot of conflict between the men: some people find a bland and typical clothing of more square faces, and some consider the model stylish and ideal to balance comfort and elegance.

We’ve selected a few suggestions on how to wear your polo shirt at the office and at more casual times. Connects:


To the office

On casual days in the office – or in work environments whose freedom of clothing is wider – you can (and should) wear a polo shirt (เสื้อ polo, which is the term in Thai) to maintain professional air without losing comfort. You need to be aware of the length of the sleeves and the shaping of the shoulders so as not to look like the gym bomb . Making a mistake in it, even more in the office, will have the opposite effect and give you a wrong image.

White polo

The white polo shirt is more classic and easy to match. For a more minimalist style, take a chance on dark jeans. The contrast from black to white will make you look a lot more stylish, and to avoid that negative image, avoid pieces with sentences written on the back.



There are several examples of polo shirts with stylish and fun prints. You can opt for basic templates that run away from the gritty image of gigantic logos and English phrases. To make a mistake, opt for stripes and a combination of colors in geometric designs and flee from the pieces with huge numbers on the sleeve.


Although the polo shirt is a classic model, it creates a more modern image with the composition and the right choice of parts. Above, for example, the shirts follow the neutral tones, but the design of all is more futuristic: straight strokes and geometric shapes.