The Must-Have Accessories for Fall 2021

Every season has its charms, but I think fall–and the seasonal clothes–might be my favorite. It’s true, the first warmish day after winter is exciting, and I have to fight the urge to pull out a lemon yellow sundress and strappy sandals. It’s still too cold, but that sunshine invokes the belief we can somehow make it work. 

But after blistering summer weather, it’s such a relief when the air has a little bite to it. It’s even better than spring. You can always wear more clothes for warmth, but there’s only so much you can do to cool down.

And fall fashion is just fun. Here are some of my all-time best picks for must-have accessories for the season.

The Must-Have Accessories for Fall 2021

Shawls, Wraps, and Pashimas

Or, as we like to call it, a really, really big scarf.

But no, we don’t mean something that’s too lacey. Not a grandmother shawl, which doesn’t really speak to the change of weather. 

But toss a neutral fabric over your shoulders like this reversible ombre poncho from Banana Republic, and you’ve got enough casual chic to last you until the snows come. 

Or, you can go with a vibrant boho look to take the colors of the leaves with you wherever you go. A simple black dress with this pop of color would be a gorgeous duo. 

Or you can go extra cozy with an alpaca wrap like this one in burgundy. The alpaca fibers are luxuriously soft and warm while keeping the wrap lightweight and easy to style.

Half boots

Apparently, the Vionic brand is Oprah-approved. A gorgeous chocolate boot is as comfortable as it is stylish, so we can see why. With an orthotically-cushioned, supportive footbed, you’re set for superior foot care while you walk all over town looking fabulous. And they’re waterproof!

We love the contrast between the milled black nubuck leather and the wood-like, cloggy bottoms in Dansko boots. The arch support alone is worth the price but I love the look, too. Once again, these are made for you to do some serious walking if needed, but keep you dressed for success in the best of stylish footwear.


These hats from Poppywells are the ultimate fall accessory. For a touch (but just a touch) of cowboy chic, you can’t beat a wide-brimmed wool hat for your wardrobe. 

Designed to make whatever you’re wearing stand out, we love to see these pieces with maxi skirts and with jeans and a soft blouse. But you do you. These hats are a versatile favorite in fall and can add some pizazz to just about any outfit.


I tend to not spend money on sheer tights. Who wants to wear something once only to find it’s ruined after a day on the town? Maybe it’s just me. But who buys tights to sit at home like a demure flower and never move? Pointless.

But pinstripe opaques from Sheertex are apparently indestructible and as stylish as can be. Machine washable, and as strong as you’ve always wanted, the website shows these tights holding pineapples and spiky shells without ruination.

Argyle tights might be even more adorable. So go pinstripe classic or fall-flirty with an argyle pattern–either way, you’re set. They may be pricey, but for long-lasting beauty, you can’t do better than Sheertex.

Happy fall, everyone! Go out and enjoy the change in the season, and have some pumpkin spice for me. Ciao!