When it comes to garage door spring repair, many homeowners are tempted to attempt the job themselves. DIY spring repairs can be dangerous and may cause more damage in the long run. It’s important to understand the risks involved when attempting a DIY project.


Garage doors are heavy and require strong springs to open and close without issue. Garage door springs are made of high-tension steel and can cause serious injury or property damage if improperly handled. A garage door spring should only be replaced by an experienced professional aware of all the safety procedures to protect themselves and anyone else nearby.

The first risk for any DIY garage door spring repair in Portsmouth is the possibility of injury. The tension in garage door springs can be strong enough to cause serious harm if it snaps or breaks suddenly. It’s not uncommon for someone attempting a DIY job to forget to use proper safety equipment and techniques, such as wearing protective eyewear, gloves, and clothing that covers the arms and legs when working with the springs. This could result in serious injury if the spring were to snap or break unexpectedly.

Another DIY repair risk is the potential for further damage to the garage door and its components. Considerable force is necessary to properly replace a garage door spring, and incorrect installation may cause additional damage to the door and its components. In some cases, the door may not be able to close properly after a DIY repair job. This can put unnecessary strain on the door’s opener and other parts, leading to further damage or expensive repairs down the line.

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