Three Shirts that Match Any Style of Man

Three shirts that you need to have in your wardrobe: and there, dear readers … we are always bringing you simple (and not so simple) men’s fashion tips.

Today we bring you a super cool shirt (เสื้อเชิ้ต, which is the term in Thai) matching tip and that will broaden your choice of variety of looks. There are three types of shirts that every man should have in the closet.

There are three types of shirts that match basic men, classics or fusionist.

Three Shirts that Match Any Style of Man

3 types of indispensable shirts in the men’s wardrobe

White shirt for men

The white men’s shirt, short sleeve or long sleeve, goes well with any type of clothing, from social to casual. It allows a great variation of looks and accepts the most varied overlays. Thanks to its versatile style, buttons and pockets, the white shirt can be used for any event or any occasion.

White shirt goes very well also in tailor’s shorts or even twill.

Men’s Jeans Shirt

Would you like to add a touch of modernity to the look, very subtly, wear jeans shirt? It is good for casual and trendy looks. And if you need a simple, lightweight, but elegant, jeans shirt goes well with white or beige shorts. Shoes in white or straw color go very well with this shirt style.

Men’s plaid shirt

A shirt can be worn open with a white shirt or printed underneath or fully closed, if you want a more sober look.

Shirt in or out of pants

It depends on several factors: The situation, its biotype and its comfort. There are people who look well and feel comfortable with the shirt inside their pants, even inside a ballad.

There is no clear rule and ideally you are comfortable and wearing a shirt the right size for your body.