Are you a creative person? Do you see something and envision how you can do it or make it better? If any of this ring true for you then you probably are also fully aware when your creative juices are heading off into a downward spiral. If you are feeling the drain in your creative department you might consider bringing it back to life with traveling. Did you know that traveling can unleash your creativity spirit as well as and bring back what you thought was lost? Call it a creative retreat or a trip to find yourself, getting away from whatever is stressing you out can help you find your creativity again. Some of the signs that you might be in need of a little traveling include: loss of concentration, low mental performance, and an overall lagging in every department. Don’t take these feelings lightly, because the sensations of being tired and dragging could also be due to mild dehydration. According to Life Hacker, you should take action as soon as you notice the signs that your creative juices are leaving you.  By taking action as soon as you notice your creativity running dry you might be able to stop it before your creative juices disappear completely.

Tips on Finding Your Creativity

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