How Henna Works to Dye and Condition Brows

Henna is a plant-derived powder that contains lawsone, a reddish-orange pigment. When lawsone comes in contact with hair or skin, a chemical reaction called a redox reaction occurs. Lawsone molecules oxidize and bond to the keratin proteins in brows, forming a colored complex that dyes the brows.

How Henna Works to Dye and Condition Brows

A Natural and Long-Lasting Option

Unlike some chemical dyes, henna deposits the pigment within the hair shaft rather than simply coating it. This bonded pigment can be more water-resistant and provide longer-lasting color compared to some chemical dyes. Henna brow color typically lasts 4-6 weeks, though results may vary.

Potential Conditioning Benefits

Henna’s color molecules may create a film around the hair after deposit. This film might help retain moisture and offer some protection from environmental factors like UV rays. However, more research is needed to determine the extent of this conditioning effect.

The henna powder itself may also contain natural conditioners like aloe vera and essential oils. These ingredients can potentially nourish brow hair, but their impact on overall hair thickness or strength requires further investigation.

How to Use Henna for Best Results

Mixing henna with water creates a paste for application. Applying it to brows and leaving it on for 3 hours allows for deeper color saturation. Henna application techniques and results can vary.

Trusted Method, Modern Approach

Henna has been used for centuries to beautify brows. Companies like Brazilian Brows focus on quality control and consistent results. However, independent verification of specific brand claims is recommended.

Brazilian Brows

Natural and Expressive

Henna allows for brow self-expression in a more natural way compared to some chemical dyes. As more people discover this alternative, companies like Brazilian Brows should strive to maintain high quality standards.


Henna offers a natural alternative for brow dyeing and can provide long-lasting color. While its conditioning properties are promising, further research is needed. Remember, henna results can vary. For best results, consider researching reputable henna brands and following proper application techniques. With a little care, henna can be a safe and effective way to achieve beautiful brows.