Many women, when asked what colour dress shirt they’d buy, would answer “white”. Mostly because it is believed to be the secret weapon of every stylish woman which is why everyone needs it in their wardrobe.

But aren’t you getting a little bored with your white dress shirt? If so, it may be time to add variety to your wardrobe and look to another elegant colour, light blue which is a classic dress shirt colour that looks fresh and keeps you stylish all year round.


Light Blue Shirt – A Breath of Fresh Air

When it comes to dress shirts, the appeal of light blue is that it’s just as chic as white, and just as versatile. It feels somewhat warmer and a little bit softer than white but still carries an air of sophistication and may also be a bit more unexpected in some cases. Better yet, it flatters more skin tones and looks good on most women.

A light blue dress shirt looks great in almost any situation. With the right shirt, pants, and blazer, you’ll look professional in the office. Paired with jeans, the shirt will also look great at a brunch with friends.

In terms of colour psychology, blue is the colour of peace and calm. It helps with balance and self-expression, which everyone could use in their daily lives. Blue is also seen as trustworthy, reliable, and committed. By wearing a light blue shirt, you say to the world: “I am smart and dependable.”

What to Wear with a Blue Shirt?

Light blue combines well with most other colours, so it can be worn for various occasions and in a multitude of ways.

The perfect companion for light blue is navy, a dark shade of blue. The combination of navy and light blue is a fresh and elegant alternative to black and white and can be beautifully accessorized with silver jewellery.

Falling on the cool side of the colour wheel, light blue pairs nicely with other cool tones like grey and purple. Cool tones harmonize well with other cool tones and sticking to them gives your outfit a sense of calm and dignity. The combination of a grey pant suit and light blue shirt creates a fresh and stylish look. Blue adds interest to the overall style, bringing out any blue tones in the suit to result in a “cool” look.

Alternatively, you can also mix the cooler light blue with a warmer colour like brown, beige, or red to create chic looks that stand out and are appealing. The combination of the light blue shirt and a medium brown jacket always looks elegant, warm, and sophisticated.

Finding the Right Blue Shirt

Not all light blue shirts are created equal and finding the perfect women’s blue button-up may prove an even more of a mission than finding a white one. Dull colours and cheap fabrics are blatantly noticeable in a blue shirt, turning a potentially magnificent wardrobe item into a mediocre one, devoid of any attraction and appeal.

When choosing a light blue shirt, look for a bright and clear colour and be careful with undertones. Too many red undertones will make it appear lilac while a hint of yellow keeps it looking blue rather than purple.

Another important consideration is the fabric of the shirt. To avoid a lacklustre outcome, choose high quality cotton fabric that has a subtle shine giving the shirt a luxurious appearance. Even better, if the fabric has some texture – it will invariably add interest and uniqueness to the shirt.


If you would like your button-up to become the focal point of your outfit, consider getting a light blue dress shirt with French cuffs. When you wear this shirt, it will always be the star of your outfit and stand out to make an immediate impression.

The attraction of the light blue dress shirt is that it adds a little colour to your outfits but still feels safe. It will spice up your style and inspire you to create fresh and unique outfits that will look amazing on you. The light blue shirt may or may not be the “new white”, but it can definitely hold its own against white any day.