Every woman desires to make a remarkable fashion statement wherever she goes and how best to do this than to wear the right shoes! While this may appear a pretty obvious fact, the only problem often comes in when shopping for the right shoes.

While we may stumble upon many pairs of shoes that are food for the eyes, there are other factors to put into consideration as well, such as the comfort and the general meaning the shoes have to our age, lifestyle and social status. It is for this reason that this article will inform all women out there on the best tips for getting it right by discussing the 8 tips for buying shoes that are good to your feet.


Opt for an Afternoon Shopping

The first tip in shopping for shoes for women is to go shopping in the afternoon. Many women indeed prefer afternoon shopping because they are able to get a variety of shoe products, but there is a hidden fact about shopping in the afternoon.

It is believed that due to use, our feet expand as a result of the heat of the day and it is therefore advisable that in order to get the correct fitting shoes, you should go shopping for them when the feet have taken maximum heat.

Have Your Socks in the Details

In case you wish to shop for shoes that are worn with socks, it is always important that you wear the same type of socks that you intend to wear with the shoes.

This will ensure that at any given time, the shoes you shop for do not feel loose or tight in your feet. In case you do not have the socks at the ready, you may consider shopping for them alongside your preferred choice of shoes.

Stand in the Shoes

It is always important to stand in the shoes and ensure there is a reasonable allowance between the end of the shoe and your longest toe. This allowance is necessary in the event you need to grow your nails as in the case with closed shoes. It also makes for the residual growth that may take place in your feet from time to time. In this regard, experts recommend at least a quarter- to a half-inch of space between the toe and the shoe end.

 Walk Around

Regardless of how comfortable the shoes may look, you can only ascertain that they are truly comfortable by taking a walk in them. While at this, ensure there is enough room at the balls of your feet. Additionally, your heels should fit alright and not pinch or seem to be slipping off. In a nutshell, the shoes should not change your usual walking style else they are not the perfect fit for you. They should, in fact, add more elegance to your femininity than attract unnecessary attention.

Have your Feet Measured

Having your feet measured is yet another one of the greatest tips when shopping for women shoes. More often than not, you are likely to find that one of your feet is longer than the other.

In this case, you may have to shop for a larger shoe that fits your longer foot or to some extent require the longer foot to have a shoe tailor-made for it. Always discuss with the salesperson and be sure they can get you the correct shoe for the longer foot.

Keep your Eyes on the Prize

There is no denying the fact that shoes for women attract sensationalized publicity and most of the time, we may be carried away by the publicity gimmicks and settle for the wrong type of shoes. Therefore, however appealing a pair of shoes may look it is always wiser to consider how the shoes fit into our feet instead of merely focusing on their visual appeal.


Feel the Inside

Such is the time when women are more concerned about the outward appearance of their shoes at the expense o the inward comfort. For this reason, we often end up making the wrong choices when shopping for shoes.

It is therefore advisable that you feel the inside of the shoes; you may just discover certain seams, tags or other irritating material that might cause blisters on your feet.

Examine the Soles

The tender soles of a woman’s feet deserve shoes that are strong and sturdy enough to offer them protection from harsh weather such as extreme heat as well as protect them against any sharp objects that may prick our feet as we walk. As a matter of fact, I would highly recommend that you shun any shoe whose soles are not this sturdy, regardless of them fitting all the other description as the safety of your feet should always come first.