Why Sapphire is a Good Alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring

There are multiple reasons why you should look for an alternative to a diamond engagement ring. Diamonds are expensive, they are extremely rare, and require a lot of resources from start to finish. Unfortunately, diamonds over 1-carat gem quality are so rare that there is one such diamond out of a thousand. However, thanks to modern technologies and other naturally occurring gemstones, there are numerous alternatives to diamonds. And sapphire is one of the best alternatives to a diamond that can rival, if not surpass, the beauty, sparkle, and gorgeousness of a natural diamond. Still not convinced? Then our today’s post is for you because we’ll bring to light various reasons why sapphire is a good alternative to a diamond engagement ring.

Why Sapphire is a Good Alternative to a Diamond Engagement Ring

Sapphire is budget-friendly because it is significantly less expensive than diamonds. There is a huge gap between the prices of both gemstones. However, the difference between their quality is significantly low. You can have an engagement ring carrying an iconic, gorgeous, and large sapphire for a very reasonable price.

Sapphires are available in almost all colors and thus you have an endless array of color choices. Corundum, the mineral species to which sapphire belongs, also includes “fancy sapphire” besides ruby and blue sapphire. Fancy sapphires are naturally present in an extensive range of colors from pink to purple and from violet to green. Furthermore, sapphires can even be white and those white ones are the perfect alternative to diamonds. Thus, you can choose a color of your sapphire that reflects your style and personality. Very popular are the princes cut sapphire engagement rings that are making a big hit in 2022.

Durability of a Sapphire

Sapphires are highly durable and that also makes them a great option for your engagement ring. Firstly, sapphires are hard. It is interesting to note that sapphires come in second with a score of 9, just below diamond with a score of 10, according to the Mohs scale ranks. Besides, they are also highly resistant to scratches and abrasions. Secondly, sapphires are also popular for their toughness and stability. That’s why they do not break or crack easily and they can also resist exposure to chemicals, light, and extreme changes in weather. Thus, hardness, toughness, and stability make sapphires durable. And their durability consequently makes them a perfect alternative to diamonds.

Sapphires are also known for offering versatility. Therefore, you can have unlimited design options. In fact, they are readily available in almost every shape such as round, oval, cushion, emerald, pear, and princess. So sapphires offer a lot to give your engagement an eye-catching look irrespective of which design you choose.

Sapphires are also meaningful gemstones. There are various meanings attached to them. For example, they have been a symbol of truthfulness, faithfulness, sincerity, and loyalty since primitive times. So, a sapphire engagement ring is also a symbol of commitment between spouses.

Napoleon proposed to Empress Josephine with a classy sapphire engagement ring. More recently, Prince Charles gave an 18-carat sapphire engagement ring to Princess Diana. That suggests that sapphires are royal gemstones as well. So, you can also follow the royal tradition and give your beloved a sapphire engagement ring to tie the knot.