logo derma“When I’m outside shooting in the windy air and desert heat, my skin really gets dry. Then I heard about OZEADERMA and my skin has never looked or felt better, more moisturized or more hydrated.”  

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Ozeaderma’s Active Wind Care product is the ideal solution for people who live an active outdoor lifestyle, regardless of the weather conditions: cold, hot, windy, rainy, dry and otherwise. Wind and heat can be particularly hard on the skin, drying it out, burning it or causing it to age prematurely. Therefore, anyone (but especially those with sensitive skin) can benefit from Ozeaderma’s products to protect their skin from the elements.

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Most Ozeaderma products feature natural, fruit-based formulas that do not contain any dyes, parabens, sulfates, synthetic perfumes or petroleum byproducts. All the products are the result of years of research by physicians, pharmacists, naturopaths, cosmetic specialists and dermatologists, and pass through rigorous testing protocols.

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