Event packages are usually the most convenient way to go when organizing a special occasion, may it be a corporate seminar or a birthday party. This is because your basic needs are already covered by the package, and you can buy more time to work on additional details to make the event happen as planned.

But not all event organizers are fans of event packages. For expert planners, going for such deals provides them with limited options in terms of customizing the essentials of the activity they are working on. However, there are times when pre-made event quotations are beneficial to you, and these serve as the reasons for you to use them in your upcoming occasion.

Among the key reasons to get an event package deal are:


  1. Event packages bring down the cost of your expenses.

Event venues in Singapore that come in packages (and not standalone rentals) usually include food, the use of certain facilities such as a sound system, and the room rental. You then get to save money since you don’t have to rent the room and hire a separate catering service, and your basic needs are already covered by the package.

When checking out event packages, you will be provided with different deals and options in terms of food and the type of room you want to use. You will likewise be guided on the terms and conditions of the packages and how the rates will change in case you go beyond or below the headcount covered by these deals.

  1. You can piggyback on the menu.

If you happen to know the event that’s taking place before yours, then you may be able to find information on the menu to be served during that said occasion, and follow the same course of meals in your own activity.

Piggybacking on the menu can be beneficial on your end mainly because the venue’s kitchen team will be purchasing the same ingredients, and not all of these ingredients will be consumed during the first event. The leftover ingredients can then be added to your event package and in turn you will have more servings at no extra cost.

  1. Event package deals are helpful when you are pressed for time.

Indeed, event venues in Singapore are usually booked during the start of the year, regardless if the occasions booked are scheduled to be held at the later months of the same year. But if you were not able to make early reservations, then a package deal would be of great help.

This is because when purchasing such deal, everything you need is covered by the venue. You no longer have to find a caterer or an audio-visual equipment rental from outside since these are likewise included in the package.


  1. It is a good way to build a relationship with venue providers.

If you are new to event planning, then you may want to start with purchasing package deals so that you know first-hand how it works when the venue covers your needs. You can then use your experiences as a framework in creating your own event planning strategy later on.

Working with the venue management also introduces you to their partner vendors. You can then refer to these vendors whenever you need third-party services in your upcoming events, especially when you intend to hold your activity at a different venue. You can also start striking deals with them based on your own needs and preferences, and later on you can grab discounts or extra freebies from them which you can use on your succeeding events.