T shirt

Nowadays it is very common to come across people on the street wearing personalized shirts, with messages, drawings, photos, montages and the most diverse prints on shirts that we can imagine.

The T-shirt screen (สกรีนเสื้อยืด, which is the term in Thai) printed shirts can fall well with most varied combinations of clothing and accessories. Whether it’s fancy to casual, it all depends on how you choose the rest of the pieces. Regardless of wearing pants, skirts or shorts, the rest of the makeup will determine your personality. Here are some tips:

T shirt


The tip here is to make those providential cuts in your pants as well to look like a more rebellious outfit, something punk style. Then, of course, you will not choose a cute design to make the shirt. The idea is to opt for a more cult print, such as album covers of Rock bands or images representing movies considered classic.


The skirt can already be something turned to the ballad. A basic composition with this piece can be a printed shirt cut into the belly, leaving a more sexy and flashy look. You can cut the sleeves too and tie the basic T-shirt too, instead of appealing to the scissors. This choice guarantees a modern and youthful look.

If it is somewhere open, you can choose to cut the sleeves and collar, and tie the personalized t-shirt above the navel. This option brings freshness to the look and, of course, to the body.


Shorts can already be something more every day, to go to a movie theater, a bar or even the mall. In that case, a sleeveless shirt may be a good choice. Cutting the blouse at the height of the belly and putting a thinner underneath, well-colored and long-sleeved has also been a rather overlooked choice on the streets.