Recycled Women’s Clothing – Why You Should Go Green

The number of sustainable brands that sell recycled women’s clothing in the UK is constantly growing. As environmental awareness increases, more and more people prefer to support small businesses and purchase eco-friendly, sustainable clothing, rather than side with fast fashion and buy clothes that will be in style for only one season.

There are numerous reasons why purchasing recycled clothing would not only benefit you, but the environment as well, and that’s exactly what we’ll cover in this article. In addition, we’ll provide you with a list of some of the best UK brands that sell recycled women’s clothing.

Recycled Women’s Clothing – Why You Should Go Green

Why Purchase Recycled Women’s Clothing

Every time you buy yourself a new T-shirt or a pair of nice jeans in a popular clothing store, you think nothing of it, apart from the fact that you just bought yourself a fun, new item. However, there is a possibility that by doing so, you are contributing to the alarming negative influence of fast fashion on the environment.

While fast fashion clothing brands create trendy and inexpensive clothing, there are many more disadvantages that come with it. Overflowing landfills, toxic chemical use, water pollution, and textile waste are just some of the devastating downsides of fast fashion.

One might think that clothing made from biodegradable materials are better for the environment. However, if dumped in piles in landfill sites, the materials won’t be able to break down due to the lack of oxygen. Considering that every year in the UK, 350,000 tons of clothing ends up in a landfill, one can easily speculate what the situation looks like on a global scale. It makes sense that the clothing industry happens to be of the biggest polluters on the planet.

That’s why many people are converting to the trend of purchasing second-hand, recycled, and sustainable clothing. This trend is also known as the slow fashion movement. Not only does recycled clothing reduce the amount of waste, but it also conserves energy and reduces carbon emissions.

Some sustainable brands offer clothing made from eco-friendly materials and natural fabric that’s less likely to leave a footprint on the environment. Not only do these sustainable brands use better materials, but they also need less water and energy to do so. Instead, they use renewable energy to manufacture goods.

When looking for recycled women’s clothing, search for materials such as organic cotton or rain-fed cotton. Other sustainable materials include recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled acrylic, organic wool, recycled leather, hemp, organic flax, and similar. Recycled clothing also comes with natural finishes or dyes that won’t harm your skin. Sustainable clothes can also be made from recycled plastic.

UK Brands That Sell Recycled Women’s Clothing

The good news is that the number of ethical, sustainable brands in the UK is increasing. In fact, you can find almost any type of apparel made from recycled materials, from everyday clothing to underwear, formal outfits, and athletic equipment and clothes.

Here are some of the best sustainable brands that sell recycled women’s clothing:

People Tree

From organic cotton clothing to materials that are 100% vegan, People Tree is a sustainable brand that offers a wide variety of versatile designs, beautiful colours, and styles for every occasion. They make high-quality clothing that’s meant to last for years to come. Their clothing is made from recycled materials, without any plastic or toxic substances.


Thought is another great sustainable brand that sells recycled women’s clothing. What’s more, they use all-natural materials, such as natural yarns, bamboo, organic cotton, and hemp. Whether you’re looking for casual clothes for everyday use, or something more glamourous for a night out, you’ll be able to find them here.


Fanfare offers reused, repurposed, and recycled clothing for women. Their clothes are made from purely natural and recycled materials. They offer upcycled collections that enable reduced waste. Each piece is meant to be timeless, and it can be used for various purposes.

The Emperor’s Old Clothes

This sustainable brand only sells vintage clothes and dead-stock fabrics. What’s really great about their clothes is that every piece is 100% unique. They even give you the chance to design your own clothes made from recycled materials.

Join the Slow Fashion Movement

Most people rarely think about the environment when they go shopping. That being said, when you buy recycled women’s clothing, not only will you purchase a timeless piece that can last for decades, but you’re also helping the environment and our planet.