4th April 2016 marked a Field Day for the Press. They got a sensation to cover for upcoming months. On this date, renowned Industrialist filed for a divorced against his art patron wife. The filing was nothing but a series of complications, and allegations made at each other.

The Executive Director of United Phosphorus, Jaidev Shroff filed for Divorce against his wife, Poonam Bhagat on severe grounds. According to the First Information Alleging (FIR), Jaidev made the first move by filing for a divorce and saying, his wife has been practicing Black Magic on him, she is rude to his daughters from his first marriage and has poisoned him with Magic Potion.


What seemed like a happy union came to an end after 11 years of being together. Shroff filed for divorce on the grounds of her being involved in black magic which is a direct violation of Section 328 of Indian Penal Code.  There were solid proof submitted later against her account.

The story develops further as Poonam Took counter action and filed for her bail. She was charged with a number of charges. In her statement, Poonam said she is a victim of domestic abuse herself and has been putting up with harsh treatment for eleven years. As a part of her counter action, she provided brief details of the cruel treatment in her filing.


Things got only worse for Poonam as in later months she faced additional charges filed by Kishore Chandiramani. Kishore is the Director of UL and he filed against Poonam for fraud of four crore. Things got grim when Jaidev Shroff submitted solid evidence against her wife. The evidence is a big lead for Jaidev as it is widely believed Poonam will hardly recover from such a backdrop. The proceeding and hearings continue. It is almost impossible to conclude anything at this moment.